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Yunnan Longrun Pu-erh Tea Cake-816Year 2006 Unfermented 357g LULOSADXX

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Good for burning fat and losing weightRaw/uncooked/sheng/unfermented Pu-erh teaLasting fragrance, sweet aftertaste, and orange-yellow soupHigh quality pu-erh tea made from large-leaf tea leavesVintage: 2006 Year

This unfermented Pu-erh tea cake which we call "816" is the benchmark of quality for unfermented Pu-erh teas. It undergoes 86 steps of processing and quality control to achieve the finished tea product. The Tea leaves are uniform and clean with obvious silver leaves. The tea leaves are grown in high altitude which means they are large-leaf variety and packed with more antioxidants. The tea cake has a lasting pleasing fragrance, and when brewed creates a yellow-orange colored tea which has a lingering sweet aftertaste and crispness normally associated with high quality Sheng Pu-erh teas.

Yunnan Longrun Pu-erh Tea Cake-816Year 2006 Unfermented 357g LULOSADXX

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