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Yukon Glory Professional Barbecue Grilling Basket Set of 3 &ndash Heavy Duty Stainless Steel BBQ Baskets AKFPQSZHG

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STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Set of 3 grilling baskets is made of sturdy and durable stainless steel. Small perforations allow heat and smoke to pass through for optimal and even grilling of fish, grilled veggies, fruits, shrimp, meat and more.LARGE GRILLING SURFACE: The grill basket provides a generous surface for cooking. Grilling Pan 10 x 7 inch, vegetable basket 8.5 x 3 inch, grill basket 9 x 9 inch and 2 inches high is sufficient to accommodate foods for 2-3 people.CONVENIENT DESIGN: Cleans easily with soap and water or in a dishwasher. Lightweight and easy to carry. This grilling basket is perfect for use on most grill types namely charcoal, gas, propane, infrared and electric portable and hence is a great choice for camping!!!PERFECT GIFT: Grilling basket set makes a great gift for your barbeque lovers, cooking enthusiast friends and family members.SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: In an unlikely event if you are not satisfied with our product, please feel free to directly contact us or return the product. Make a risk-free purchase because we offer a 3-year exchange or money back manufacturer warranty.

For all those who love grilling, it’s time to fire up the grill! It’s all about tasting the smoked meat and experiencing the greatness of grilling on the weekend. But plain old grilling is not enough…At Yukon Glory, we want you to be able to grill as much as you want at once! With the three different baskets, your grilling experience will be even more exciting.The Yukon Glory 3-Piece Mini BBQ Accessory Set includes a flat pan, a vegetable basket, and a circular grill pan. Each of these pans are ideal for grilling vegetables, scallops, shrimp, diced chicken, and any small foods that precariously perch on a standard grill rack. The flat pan is perfect for cooking pan fries or fish, vegetables, and even fruit. The square vegetable basket is compact enough to be placed on the grill next to the main entree while spacious enough to accommodate a plethora of vegetables. The circular grill pan is good for small or delicate foods and can be used in place of a wok to grill diced chicken, pork, or beef. This 3-Piece Mini BBQ Accessory Set by Yukon Glory is a must have accessory if you like grilling your veggies. Grilled veggies are delicious, however it's hard to enjoy when it gets eaten up by the grill, instead of you. The Yukon Glory 3-Piece Mini BBQ Accessory Set makes cooking small food super easy! How to use: To prevent food from sticking, coat the grill with oil (Olive Oil, Canola Oil, PAM, or any other cooking oil), Cut and Toss your food in olive oil and season to your liking. Preheat the basket on the grill for 1-2 minutes. When ready, throw in your food! CAUTION: Grill Basket will get VERY HOT. Make sure to handle it with a heat resistant glove. Cleaning Tips: Clean with soap and warm water or use your dishwasher. If food gets stuck use steel wool or an abrasive pad. Stainless steel will naturally discolor.

Yukon Glory Professional Barbecue Grilling Basket Set of 3 &ndash Heavy Duty Stainless Steel BBQ Baskets AKFPQSZHG

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