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The Tao of Tea Tea Forest Green Tea Loose Leaf 2-Ounce Tins Pack of 2 MYWPXVKWQ

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Pack of two, 2-ounce tins (total of 4 ounces)100% organic

The Tao of Tea, Tea Forest Green Tea, Loose Leaf is 100 percent Organic Green Tea Leaves. Sweet, honey texture with an aftertaste similar to licorice. In the Jing Mai mountain area in Southern Yunnan, there remain old growth tea plants that have matured into fifty feet high tea trees. These 'wild' trees are more than seven hundred years old, and considered a national treasure. Their exact location and method of cultivation has been a closely guarded secret of the local population. Tea purists seek only the clean, clear and pure flavor of the leaf. This is because the unadulterated leaf has the capacity to provide an experience which has inspired many artists, musicians, philosophers and monks. Our company is based on this premise and offers great quality leaf that is fresh, flavorful and full of soul. Only a small portion of all tea made in the world comprises the 'orthodox' or full leaf style of processing. In addition, only a few tea areas remain where 'old-style' hand processing is still practiced from tea plants that grow wild or those that have been preserved for centuries. The Tao of Tea works primarily with tea growers that practice this true art of tea making.

The Tao of Tea Tea Forest Green Tea Loose Leaf 2-Ounce Tins Pack of 2 MYWPXVKWQ

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