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32 EZ Reacher Pick-Up Tool Pack of 8 KOQMWCKWW

Availability: In Stock



Pack of 8 - EZ Reacher 32Eliminates bending and stretching when reaching for objectsFor indoor and outdoor usePicks up and holds items as small as a coin to as large as a 4 lb. brickReaching aid for homeowners, gardeners, grounds maintenance crews, senior citizens, and more

Package of 8 - EZ Reacher 32 Model. It can be used to make your life easier when reaching for objects out of your reach because there will be no bending or stretching required. Pressing on the trigger will make the rubber cups at the end of the reacher firmly hold an object in place, whether it be a small 10 cent coin or a 4 lb. brick. You can use the EZ Reacher to pick up litter on the ground, retrieve toys from the pool, place canned goods in cupboards in the kitchen, and much more. A great reaching aid for seniors too, it helps them avoid having to bend over when they can stand comfortably when retrieving objects. Keeps your hands clean from having to pick up garbage with your hands as well.

32 EZ Reacher Pick-Up Tool Pack of 8 KOQMWCKWW

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