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10 FOXTAIL Palm Tree Wodyetia bifurcata the BEST SEEDS are from Hawaii Easy Grow KNEEWMAIJ

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Wodyetia bifurcata Foxtail Palm Native to Northern Australia The Foxtail Palm is an exotic and newly popular Australian palm species. It is suitable for moist sub-tropical and tropical climates.Slender gray solitary palm tree Inflorescence: Branched, born below the crownshaft. Pinnately compound, reduplicate, arching; several hundred fishtail leaflets attached in several ranks. Salt Tolerance: Moderate Moderate drought tolerance Uses: suitable for awesome specimen. Height: 15 to 35 feet, Fast growerFast becoming one of the most popular landscaping palms in the tropics and sub-tropics. It is an extremely hardy palm, being able to take full sun from a very early age, drought tolerant, wind tolerant, and frost tolerant as well.This spectacular palm was only discovered in the late 1970s and because of demand for seeds and it being endemic to only a very small area there developed a flourishing black market in its seed for several years. Even today, the Queensland Government still has the palm on its endangered species list, even tho there are now tens of thousands of the palms growing throughout the world, many of which are now fruiting.The common name is derived from the very full appearance of the leaves, formed by the circular arrangement of the leaflets around the rachis. The Foxtail palm is very fast-growing, and appears adaptable to a broad range of soil conditions. The Foxtail Palm prefers full sun.

10 seeds from Florida Trees. Please note We are responsible sellers who make sure our buyers are well taken care of. These seeds will be shipped within 2 business days after payment. We are a seller that caters to experienced gardeners, or those that are capable of looking up instructions independently (germination and plant care information is readily available online, but if you can’t find germinating and care instructions, please feel free to message us). We also include suggested growing instructions. Multiple orders of a single item will be combined. We are not responsible for buyer germination success, seeds have been tested and seedlings have been grown by us, they take approx 3 months to germinate. No international shipping.

10 FOXTAIL Palm Tree Wodyetia bifurcata the BEST SEEDS are from Hawaii Easy Grow KNEEWMAIJ

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